Chimes Choir Spreads Cheer

Sharing the gift of song is just one way our Chimes choir brings joy to those around them.  Founded by a minister who was part of direct care staff, the choir originally consisted of seniors but has since opened up to all ages. Now with 15 members, they travel to nursing homes and other venues in the Maryland area.

The choir receives positive feedback from people who let them know how much they are appreciated. Chimes employee and choir member Karen Sakkaf, who has been part of the choir for a little over a year, shares, “You can see a change in their demeanor; there’s a feeling of pride and increased self-esteem.”  She adds, “People at the nursing homes we visit say they hope they don’t have to wait a whole year to hear them sing again!”

During the winter holiday, they traveled to several Chimes facilities, a senior home and a church to sing. Karen says, “When we sung at the church, they asked us to come back the next week to sing during the preschooler’s chapel time.”  She notes, “There were people there who might not otherwise be exposed to people with disabilities.”

In addition to the preschool children, other members of the church joined to hear their beautiful voices, and were touched by their songs.  Church patron, Allen Wroe, warmly shares, “The assembly has a simple purity of purpose—each member in his or her own way striving to share with and connect to a faithful assemblage of their brothers and sisters; bestowing their spirited gifts to me and those in the church.”

Karen says she hopes to integrate members of the choir with members of the senior centers they sing for. “It’s good to be able to get out and do activities within the community. Everybody really loves what they do and we have a great time.  We just want to give that to other people.”