After starting in 1947 in a Baltimore church as a special education day school serving five students with intellectual developmental disabilities and their families, Chimes has grown over the years and expanded its services to meet the changing needs of its community.

Now known as Chimes Family of Services, we provide a wide variety of offerings, including residential services, support options, day habilitation, vocational programs, employment, and behavioral health, for more than 20,000 children, adolescents, and adults. Through planned growth, we currently host services in six U.S. states — Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Carolina — and the District of Columbia and Israel.

With a rich history spanning more than seven decades, Chimes Family of Services represents three distinct business models or service components:

  • Behavioral Health: We offer a comprehensive range of services and supports for people with mental health, substance abuse, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and co-occurring disorders
  • Employment Services: We are one of the nation’s largest employers of people with disabilities.
  • Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Autism: Our network expands from toddler-to-senior services, with supports that are tailored to the unique abilities and needs of each person.  All of our services are integrated within various communities to maximize opportunities and growth for our participants.

We are recognized for our innovative, flexible, and responsive solutions that are designed to assist people with intellectual and behavioral challenges to achieve three main goals:

  • to live as independently as possible, guided by choice.
  • to understand, respond to and achieve the potential of their capabilities.
  • to serve as productive, contributing members of their community.

Our desire is to ensure that all people with intellectual and behavioral challenges can achieve their fullest potential.