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Who we are

Chimes Israel is a nonprofit organization working to improve the quality of life of individuals with special needs.

For over 25 years, Chimes Israel has been the leader in developing and providing exceptional support and rehabilitation services to people with special needs of all ages from newborns to seniors, with intellectual, developmental and mental disabilities, regardless of race, nationality or religion.

Opening in 1991 with just one sheltered workshop in Tel Aviv, serving 80 adults with special needs, Chimes Israel expanded its services and today offers over 1,400 clients and their families a continuum of services in more than 25 facilities and programs and employs close to 550 full and part-time staff and 170 volunteers.

Among our services are:

  • Rehabilitative Daycare Centers for Infants and Toddlers with Developmental Delays
  • Rehabilitative Kindergarten for Children with Special Needs
  • Afterschool Programs for Children with Special Needs
  • Employment Services Continuum for Adults with Intellectual and Various Disabilities
  • Supported Employment for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities
  • Supported Employment for Adults with Mental Illness
  • Rehabilitation and Nursing Daycare Centers for Adults with Special Needs
  • Social Club for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities
  • Social Club for Adults with Mental Illness
  • Supportive Community for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities residing independently
    in the community.

Chimes Israel works under the supervision of the Ministry of Welfare, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and in close cooperation with local municipalities, National Insurance, Shalem Fund and many other partners. Chimes Israel is proud to be the recipient of Midot’s Seal of Effectiveness and Impact.

We at Chimes Israel believe that individuals with special needs have the right and ability to live a life of dignity and independence while being active participants in the community and developing to their fullest potential. In order to achieve this Chimes Israel strives to be the leader in program development for individuals with special needs and provide high quality individually customized services.

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Executive Offices
Yehudit and Meir Rubanenko Campus

13 Ha’arad Street
Tel Aviv, Israel 69710
ph: 011.972.3.644.2427
fax: 011.972.3.647.4047
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Resource Development Department

13 Ha’arad Street
Tel Aviv, Israel 69710
ph: 011.972.50.6610.7140
fax: 011.972.3.647.4047
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Shiluv Vocational Program

13 Ha’arad Street
Tel Aviv, Israel 69710
ph: 011.972.3.644.2427
fax: 011.972.3.647.4047
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Enoch Extended School Day Clubs

9 Hamaaracha Street, Yad Eliyahu
Tel Aviv, Israel

ph: 011.972.50.697.0891
fax: 011.972.3.730.3284
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Hatzori Extended School Day Clubs

1 Soshana Persich Street
Jaffa, Israel 48103
ph: 011.972.50.666.2303
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Kalisher Extended School Day Clubs

27 Repidim Street
Tel Aviv, Israel
ph: 011.972.50.690.2031
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Oz Extended School Day Clubs

2 Shivat Zion Street
Holon, Israel
ph: 011.972.3.652.1360
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Amal Extended School Day Clubs

16 Habanim Street
Holon, Israel
ph: 011.972.3.503.5777
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The Holland Center for Babies and Infants

16 Aristo Street
Tel Aviv, Israel 68069
ph: 011.972.3.657.1374
fax: 011.972.3.657.1375
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The Shaked Center for Babies and Infants – Ashkelon

21 Plugot Street, Neve Yam
Ashkelon, Israel 78669
ph: 011. 972.8.699.4744
fax: 011.972.8.671.8939
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Or Modi'in Center for Babies and Infants

49 Nachal Zohar
Modi'in, Israel
ph: 011.972.8.975.1522
fax: 011.972.8.926.4098
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Community Support Services in Tel Aviv & Petach Tikva

13 Ha’arad Street
Tel Aviv, Israel 69710
ph: 011.972.50.221.6640
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The Aliza Begin Day Habilitation Center

13 Ha’arad Street
Tel Aviv, Israel 69710
ph: 011.972.3.647.3988
fax: 011.972.3.647.9597
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Sharon Region Day Habilitation

1 Bar Ilan Rehov
Herzliya, Israel
ph: 011.972.9.950.0934
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Achikam Day Habilitation and Vocational Center, Tel Aviv

13 Ha’arad Street
Tel Aviv, Israel 69710
ph: 011.972.3.644.5227/8
fax: 011.972.3.644.5229
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Rosh Ha'ayin Work Activity Center and ZerOZer Flower Project

9 Hamelacha Street
Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel 48091
ph: 011.972.77.200.6527/8
fax: 011.972.77.200.6529
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Taybeh Day Habilitation and Vocational Center

P.O. Box 5469
Taybeh, Israel 40400
ph: 011.972.9.799.6295
fax: 011.972.9.799.6293
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Ariel Vocational Center

7 Efron Street
Ariel, Israel 40700
ph: 011. 972.3.641.0643
fax: 011.972.3.906.0624
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Kfar Saba Work Services Center

7 Homovil Street
Kfar Saba, Israel 44424
ph: 011.972.9.765.6500
fax: 011.972.9.765.5997
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Rishon Letzion Work Services Center

33 Itzchak Ben Zvi
Ritzon Letzion, Israel
ph: 011.972.3.961.0449
fax: 011.972.3.952.3994
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Daycare Rehabilitation and Nursing Centers – 21+

Manager: Vered Krasenti

The Therapeutic Day Care Centers operated by Chimes Israel aim to provide people with special needs with moderate to severe developmental disabilities opportunities to improve their quality of life, help them reach their personal potential, gain independence and enhance their participation in the community. The main goals of the Therapeutic Day Care Centers include:

  • Improvement and maintenance of the clients’ individual skills, while providing them with personalized solutions to their specific needs.
  • Realization of clients’ maximum personal potential for an independent daily life.
  • Enable people with low to severe developmental and intellectual disabilities, including those who require nursing care, to continue to live in the community and in family environments.


Individuals in our centers have moderate to severe intellectual disabilities, chronic diseases and some require regular nursing care. Many clients are wheelchair dependent, have acute speech and language disabilities and rely on augmentative and alternative communication assistive technology and aids. In addition, some clients have various genetic syndromes such as Rhett Syndrome, Down syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome, Angelman Syndrome, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, C.P., and more.

An individual habilitation program is designed for each client in consultation with the clients themselves, their family or guardian, their social worker and others who have a direct connection with the client. The programs include attainable goals and yearly targets which are translated into action with daily, personal, structured programs for each client in accordance with his needs and desires.

The Centers offers a variety of rehabilitative and therapeutic services including paramedical treatments such as therapeutic gardening, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, movement therapy, and sport therapy – all in accordance with each client’s individual habilitation plan with the goal to advance each client towards maximum participation according to his/her needs and capabilities. All of the treatments are administered by a devoted professional staff of therapists, nursing care specialists, counselors, and various activity facilitators. The clients also enjoy leisure, enrichment and social activities. A specific emphasis is placed on engaging the clients with the community and suitable activities are conducted accordingly.

The Centers operate 6 days a week, from 7:15am to 4:45pm, and the clients attend the facility year round.

Rehabilitative Daycare Centers for Children with Developmental Delays

Chimes Israel operates Rehabilitative Day Care Centers for over 120 infants and toddlers with developmental delays ages 6 months to 3 years, providing them with individualized treatment and rehabilitation services as well as support services for their family members.

Chimes Israel believes that early intervention is critical in the development of a child with developmental delays. During these formative years, there is a need for diagnosis, treatment and intensive supervision in order to track the child’s development and help him reach his potential.

The children receive educational and advanced paramedical treatments in a kindergarten setting, based on individualized plans that are determined in collaboration with the parents and the professional, medical and paramedical staff, in order to encourage maximum physical, cognitive, social and emotional development.

The families are an integral part of the process and receive training from the paramedical staff in order to allow a continuity of treatment at home. Additionally, there are support groups to provide advice and information for the parents of the child. Support is also offered to siblings and grandparents.

In preparation for when the child reaches the age of 3 years old, the staff assist in preparing the child and the members of his family for his integration into a mainstream or special education kindergarten.

For more information: David Shavlev – Rehabilitative Daycare Centers Manager

Chimes Israel operates three Rehabilitative Daycare Centers for about 120 toddlers:

“Chimes Holland Center” Rehabilitatative Day Care , Tel Aviv-Jaffa
“Chimes Or Center” Rehabilitatative Day Care , Modi’in-Macabbim-Reut
“Chimes Shaked Center” Rehabilitatative Day Care , Ashkelon

Sheltered Workshops

Chimes Israel’s Sheltered Workshops are designed for adults with special needs, provide training and employment according to each individual’s abilities and needs and prepare the clients for employment and integration in the community.

• Provide a range of employment opportunities fully matching the individual abilities and choices of our client.
• Develop and promote vocational skills among adults with special needs with the ultimate goal of integration in the normative workplace.
• Encourage the advancement of adults with special needs in additional areas that will allow them to be integrated into the job market and influence their success, such as: social skills, developing personal independence, elevate their self-esteem and contribute to their emotional and physical well-being.

For the past five years Chimes Israel has been operating three of the sheltered workshops according to the International ISO 9001 standard in the areas of service and employment and meets the eligibility requirements of the Israeli Standards Institute.

For more information: Havazelet Amrami – Employment Continuum Manager

Chimes Israel operates six Sheltered Workshops in various local municipalities, providing services to over 600 clients:

"Supportive Community" Program

Manager: Alexandra Hornstein Naamat


Winner of the Prize for Excellence from the “Shalem” Foundation for Operation of a Unique Program, 2002.

The prize was awarded jointly to the staff of Chimes Israel
and the Department of Services for Developmental Disabilities,
Municipality of Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Chimes Israel, in cooperation with the municipality of Tel Aviv-Jaffa was the first in Israel to operate this innovative and unique program supporting adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities who live independently in their homes and communities.

The program is intended to preserve the quality of life for people with special needs who live independently and run their own households. It helps them deal with potentially dangerous situations and possible neglect. The program allows them to remain in their natural environment, at home and in their communities, eliminating the need to remove them from their surroundings and find arrangements outside their homes.

The program has been in existence for about 10 years now and has served as an innovative model which has been copied by other municipalities. In 2010, Chimes Israel was awarded the tender to operate this program in Petach Tikva.

The goals of the program:

  • To allow people with special needs (intellectually and developmentally delayed) to reach their full potential by developing independent living skills.
  • To offer the possibility to people with special needs to live as normal a life as possible in their own natural environment.
  • To create a support network for people with special needs who live in an independent household, providing continuous supervision and intervention as needed.


The staff is comprised of counselors and social workers who work closely with the Welfare and Social Service Departments of the local authorities. There are two coordinators who are responsible for accompanying, supporting and assisting the adults participants in the program.

These coordinators perform assessments regarding the needs of each client in all facets of their daily lives, including employment, residence, recreational time and are responsible for formulating a rehabilitation program together with the clients’ guardians, the community social workers and other relevant professionals.

Ha’Arad 13, Ramat HaChayal, Tel Aviv

TEL: 03-7625199
FAX: 03-6474047

Afterschool Programs

The Afterschool Programs operated by Chimes Israel are complementary frameworks to the regular school hours, that provide recreational and social activities as well as therapies in the afternoons. This service is intended for children with varying levels of intellectual and developmental disabilities, many with additional problems, such as physical disabilities, autism, behavior challenges, chronic illnesses etc.

Chimes Israel employs a staff of counselors, nurses, therapists and other professionals, all experts in the care of children with special needs. Enrichment classes and social activities are available in such areas as music therapy, arts, movement therapy, animal care, etc. as well as challenging activities in sports, photography, cooking, yoga and more.

The goals of the program are to address the recreational, social and enrichment needs of children and youth with special needs after regular school hours as well as respite for families’ daily care of their child by extending their school day in a supportive and supervised setting.

For more information: Shirley Trousil– Manager, Afterschool Programs Manager

Chimes Israel operates six Afterschool Programs in Special Education Schools, for about 250 children ages 6 to 21:

Supported Employment – 21+

Chimes Israel operates occupational placement programs in the normative workplace in collaboration with the local municipalities and under the supervision by the Ministries of Welfare and Health for individuals with special needs.  Chimes Israel provides participants with individually supported employment opportunities, placement, guidance and ongoing follow-up.

Chimes Israel believes that employment is pivotal in everyone’s life. For most people, entering the work market is a major component in their lives and is important in building a path to independence and identity development. Work is a source for the development of social relationships, building self-esteem, involvement, activities and the actualization of skills.

Chimes Israel operates three Supported Employment programs, distinguished from one another by the type of target population to which they are intended: Those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental disabilities and physical disabilities.

Chimes’ Program: Supported Employment for People with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities

Board of Directors

Shulamit Gildner Chairperson Avi Ramot, PhD Chair, Personnel Committee Gilada Avissar, PhD Chair, Programs & Services Committee Yechiel Narkis Chair, Strategic Planning Committeee Ronen Zadok Chair, Finance Committee Asher Elhayany, MD Cecil S. Fox* Meir Hovav, PhD Martin S. Lampner, CPA Michael Lev Alan A. Manheim, PhD Terry Allen Perl* Roni Tal Gila Vogel, PhD * General Assembly Member Only

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