Psychosocial Support Services

Holcomb provides a wide range of non-treatment, psychosocial supports that complement formal treatment services or are offered in isolation, based on the person’s needs. These psychosocial support services include:

Targeted Case Management (TCM)

Targeted Case Management services include a range of Medical Assistance-funded activities for consumers with psychiatric disabilities that have resulted in significant levels of functional impairment. The service assists members and families with service coordination, linkage to resources or other needed services and mental health advocacy.

Supported Living

The Supported Living program works with adults age 18 and older diagnosed with serious mental illness, who require significant external supports to maintain either independent or semi-independent community living. Target groups include persons transitioning from CRRs, persons in need of stable housing referred by case management and persons living with family members who wish to transition to independent living. Each person is provided with individualized supports that vary in nature and intensity based on the person’s specific needs.

Supported Employment

The Supported Employment Program provides services to Chester County adults age 18 and older, who are diagnosed with a psychiatric disability, are determined eligible by the County and desire competitive employment.

In-Home Life Skill Support

Life Skill Support program provides mobile life skills services to families in which at least one family member, age 18 and older, has a primary mental health diagnosis that negatively affects household functions. The program also helps to ensure that health needs are met.

Abuser Intervention

The Abuser Intervention program conducts group sessions for adults age 18 and older which provide domestic violence perpetrators with information and practical tools to change individual values and beliefs that support the use of violence and other abusive, controlling behaviors.

Individual Development Account (IDA) Program

An Individual Development Account (IDA) is a matched-savings program that enables low-income adults/families to save money for the purchase of a home, post-secondary education or training or to start a business. Participants in the program learn principles in financial saving so that they can develop a personal savings plan. The program matches each participant’s savings on a 3:1 ratio.

Family Visitation Center

Services include monitored child-custody exchanges and supervised visitation, both of which can encourage healthy parent-child relationships, while ensuring the safety of the parents and their children. These services are offered when family court has ordered that a parent have his/her visits monitored by an independent party. This service allows non-custodial parents to maintain routine contact with their children and eliminates the potential for allegations of improper interactions during the visits.