Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Psychiatric rehabilitation services are designed to assist individuals, age 18 and older with functional disabilities resulting from mental illness, to experience more success and satisfaction in the environments of their choice while promoting functional independence. Psychiatric rehabilitation programs are founded on the principles of consumer choice, recovery principles and the active involvement of consumers in their rehabilitation. Holcomb offers three levels of psychiatric rehabilitation:


The Cornerstone Clubhouse operates Monday through Friday; one evening a week and an occasional Saturday. The Clubhouse is available for adults age 18 and older, who are striving to recover from a mental illness.

Cornerstone Clubhouse is guided by the International Center for Clubhouse Development Standards. This model has been assisting adults to recover from mental illness since 1948 through the use of work as a therapeutic tool. Clubhouse members volunteer their time at the program and in so doing are exposed to opportunities to become integral components of the program and the local community. This therapeutic community supports each person to develop skills at their own pace through everyday business interactions. Members have the chance to grow and share their talents with others. Holcomb partners with other agencies to be good neighbors within the community, thereby providing vocational, educational, living, wellness and social opportunities for the clubhouse members.

Cornerstone Clubhouse works with its membership to be a thriving organization, turning individual problems into positive collective action.

Peer Support Center

The Peer Support Center is open Monday through Friday and provides drop-in, activity center services for individuals, age 18 and older with serious and persistent mental illness or a dual-diagnosis of severe mental illness and a substance use condition. The center is facilitated by peer mentors who encourage the program participants to be aware of their symptoms and help them to understand the importance of peer support as they manage the challenges encountered on the road to recovery. Support, networking, peer education and social and recreational opportunities are the cornerstones of the program. These elements coalesce in a safe and caring environment that promotes self-confidence and enhanced ability to function in the world.

Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation (MPR)

MPR services are provided to adults age 18 and older and are designed to bring recovery-based interventions to consumers in their home and community. The mobile nature of MPR allows consumers to receive the interventions within the context of where they are experiencing the need for supports.