Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services

Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS), offered to children and adolescents ages 0-21, include a range of individualized behavior management, treatment and rehabilitation services provided primarily in community settings. Settings typically include the child’s home and or school as well as other settings such as camps, daycares and recreational venues. BHRS are flexibly scheduled to accommodate the lives of the children and families served.

Mobile Therapy (MT)

Mobile Therapy involves face-to-face, child-centered individual and family psychotherapy, utilizing a strength-based approach, provided in a setting other than a therapist or provider’s office.  Every child has an individual treatment plan developed by the Interagency Service Planning Team (ISPT).   When other behavioral services are being provided simultaneously, the Mobile Therapist provides primary clinical direction, coordination and management of information and progress towards the treatment plan goals. The Mobile Therapist may also provide specialized therapies.

Behavior Specialist Consultant (BSC)

Behavior Specialist Consultant is a consultation service delivered by a professional with expertise in behavioral management utilizing an Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) approach. The BSC directs the members of the treatment team regarding the appropriate clinical approach for a specific child with complex needs.  The BSC, in collaboration with other members of the treatment team, designs,directs and coordinates the implementation of a behavior modification intervention plan, which incorporates behavioral goals and intervention techniques specific to the needs of the child and based on non-aversive behavioral change methods. Members of the treatment team and family provide the service directly to the child and/or family in the home, school, day care, or other community program or setting.

Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS)

Therapeutic Staff Support is a one-on-one service provided to the children/adolescents that require behavioral interventions to be provided by a professional to support the transfer of skills to the adults that are naturally part of the child’s life (e.g., parents, extended family, teachers).  TSSs work under the supervision of a master’s level clinician (typically the BSC).