The Chimes School

Our school offers an 11 month educational program to students ages 5 to 21, that infuses functionality into everyday academics and work related skills, as well with priority on social skills development. Using a multi-sensory approach to learning, our students are challenged to develop increased independence while in school, at home, in the community, and at work sites. The Chimes serves students who have intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism, and co-occurring disabilities, which may include emotional and behavioral challenges. The program includes both diploma (K-3) and certificate (K-12) tracks. It is our belief, that any student can learn and grow to his or her fullest potential. 

The school is located in Baltimore City, and receives referrals from all local jurisdictions, with most students residing in the Baltimore Metropolitan Region. Our modern building is fully accessible and offers such amenities as a large gym, conference rooms, cafeteria, greenhouse, an apartment area, multi-sensory room and an outside recreation area. Students also have access to the latest technology with computers in classrooms as well as interactive technology.