In Celebration of Direct Support Professionals

In Celebration of Direct Support Professionals

Since 2008, the United States has recognized one week in September as “National Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week.” This year Direct Support Professionals (DSP) week is September 8-14.  During this week, we celebrate our DSPs who care for and support our individuals.

Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) support our individuals in the homes with a multitude of tasks, such as medication administration, going to medical appointments, preparing meals, completing laundry, household chores, turning and repositioning of individuals, transfers, changing of individuals, and bathing.   They teach these skills to our individuals in an attempt to help them become as independent as possible.  Additionally, DSPs also support our individuals out in the community, going to church, out to eat, parks, bowling, to the gym, dances, participating in Special Olympics, movies, vacations, and more.

Kevin Drumheller, Chief Operating Officer of Chimes Maryland and Virginia, shares, “At Chimes, Direct Support Professionals are at the core of our mission.   They make it possible for the individuals we support to have new experiences.   Every day our staff give of themselves so that those they support can live their best life.   While we use the term ‘Direct Support Professional,’ it doesn’t do justice to the myriad of jobs they truly do:  advocate, chauffeur, coach, nurse, counselor, friend, and role-model.”

Kevin adds, “In the past year we have supported individuals who started their first job, received their first pay check, went to their first bowling alley, attended their first baseball game, watched their first Redskins practice and had their picture taken with cheerleaders, visited their first gym and worked out on the treadmill, and taken their first vacation.   Our DSPs have championed all those firsts.   It is those staff, that sense of mission, that makes Chimes who we are.    I can’t thank our DSPs enough for what they do and how they help shape this organization.”

Nicole Brown, Chief Operating Officer of Chimes Holcomb, says, “The role of a DSP is critical in assisting our consumers with achieving a meaningful and full life. It is difficult and challenging, and takes a dedicated individual to do the work of a DSP.  Without DSPs, individuals with disabilities wouldn’t have the opportunity to live more independently, attend day programming, or have the opportunity to learn new skills.”

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