Employee Highlight—Aria Walerski

Aria Walerski is a part-time Prevention Specialist II at Chimes Holcomb.  She first started her career with Chimes in 2008, one week after graduating with her bachelor’s degree.  “I have left to try different things and have returned twice, which I feel is a true testament to really loving the prevention work that we do and the team of people I get to work with each and every day,” shares Aria.  “I truly love the non-profit field and this line of work.”

With a background in marketing/public relations, Aria’s role is a little different from other Prevention Specialists on her team.  She coordinates all of their prevention marketing efforts, including their social media, prevention newsletters, training/meeting flyers and their website.  Aria says, “I love that my job is always evolving and changing, like the field of prevention, and I enjoy seeing the positive changes we are making in the communities we serve.”

Aria values the connections and friendships she has made while working for Chimes Holcomb.  “I am lucky to work with an incredible team of like-minded professionals who value prevention as much as I do and work hard to make positive changes in our local communities. The friendships I’ve made through my job with Holcomb are invaluable to me,” she shares.

When Aria is not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and three-year-old son.  She also likes to spent time outside, gardening and cooking.

Aria hopes to continue her role with Chimes Holcomb for many years to come. “I would love to see our social media presence continue to grow and reach as many people as possible with our prevention-based messaging. I feel that we have so much impactful information to share and reaching our community members with that information is crucial to seeing public health changes in our communities.”