Employee Highlight – Salamatu Dumbuya

Salamatu Dumbuya (Salma) is a Life Skills Coach for Chimes Virginia.  She advocates for our individuals, takes them out in the community and helps them in their daily lives.  Salma has worked for Chimes for 10 years.  She first met a former COO of Chimes Virginia and two Residential Coordinators when she saw them out at a store with several Chimes individuals in our Virginia program.  She shares, “The way they interacted with the individuals really touched my heart.  Coming from Africa, where we looked down on people with intellectual disabilities, made me see things differently.”  Touched by the interaction, Salma introduced herself to them and asked about the organization they worked for.  “I applied and got the job, and I never left,” Salma says.

Being able to help our individuals is the reason Salma enjoys working for Chimes.  “We have the best individuals, and they make life worth living.  Our individuals will teach you something about yourself every day,” Salma warmly shares.

Joan Henry-Fields, Chimes Virginia’s Program Coordinator, says, “Salma is a very dedicated, punctual, and caring employee. Her ability to provide the needed supports to the individuals is outstanding. She is very detail-oriented especially with her paperwork and understanding each participant likes and dislikes.  Her overall professionalism is noteworthy.”

Salma was named Employee of the Quarter in the Spring of 2018, and she continues to shine.  Her abilities and contributions to Chimes Virginia’s Day Program are an important key to the success of Chimes.