Teacher Appreciation

As we approach the end of the school year, we reflect on all of the teachers who educate our individuals at the Chimes School.  Teachers who work with children with special needs are extra special. The Chimes School teachers are with their students for 11-months out of the year. Our educational program is for students ages 5 to 21. It infuses functionality into everyday academics and work-related skills, as well with priority on social skills development.


Teachers are crucial for a child’s development. Teachers not only cover the required materials, they inspire free thinkers and future leaders. They create an environment where students feel welcomed and loved. Teachers pour themselves into their vocation and make a lasting impact on each life they touch. Teachers encourage students to meet their fullest potential even when the student lacks motivation. They cheer for success, offer guidance when a student is in trouble and away from family, and hold students accountable.


Teachers often bring their own supplies and aids to the classroom to help their students grasp the material. They work long hours to devise lesson plans that engage and stimulate their students’ minds. Teachers strive to bring out the best in their students and inspire them to reach for the stars. They make a huge difference in the lives of their students. Teachers instill confidence and build self-esteem in their pupils while creating a desire for knowledge.


We here at Chimes want to take time to thank all the wonderful teachers that educate our students.Their hard work and dedication are extremely appreciated! Thank you for all you do.


Pictured below: (Front Row) Sarah Mason , Amy Asman, Kim Bleming (Back Row) Rose Willis, Katie Bryan, Jessie Reed, Steve Potyraj, Beth Gehl