Creating Success for People with Disabilities

Chimes provides training and employment opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Through multiple federal and state contracts, we employ over 1,600 people at sites in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina and the District of Columbia. Dozens of businesses, government agencies and nonprofits have hired people with disabilities securing reliable employees while working with Chimes.

We capitalize on what people can do and have consistently demonstrated that persons with severe disabilities can be highly productive citizens when given the opportunity.

Each person is unique and we work with them as long as it takes through job coaching, on site training, and supervision to ensure their success.  We partner with companies like Maryland College of Art,  Staples, Wawa and BWI to craft a solution unique for each person.

Our Director of Day Programs David Black says, “We have a modality that we can work with people. We will be successful. That person will be successful. “

Brian Alberti is one of those people who has found success through working with Chimes. Brian has been an employee at Wawa for 5 years. Brian is a hard worker and valued by his manager and coworkers. He loves the feeling of being a part of the Wawa team and making his own money.

At Chimes, we continue to rely on donations to fund services like these that help people with disabilities live empowered and enriched lives. You can help create more success stories like Brian’s. Learn more about the different ways you can support Chimes here.

Watch this video to learn more about Brian’s story.