Summer Fun with Chimes

Who doesn’t love summer? Long days, a break from school, more time with family and friends, a general sense of relaxation.

At Chimes, our staff goes above and beyond to make the summer months memorable for our program participants.

This summer, participants enjoyed an outing to the Camden Aquarium, where they enjoyed viewing many species of marine life — from puffer fish to penguins — and even got to interact with starfish and other creatures in the aquarium’s touch tank! Chimes family members also experienced a beautiful, sunny walk through Historic Delaware City, including a stroll down the city’s popular River View Trail.

Bowling is always a hit with Chimes Delaware participants, which is why our staff tries to take everyone several times during the summer. After teaming up, everyone got to show off their skills on the lanes! It’s a great bonding activity that fosters mutual support and encouragement. At our annual residential picnic, residents were treated to an al fresco lunch before engaging in an epic corn hole tournament!

Participants at our Millsboro, Delaware, location were treated to a special fishing trip, where several aspiring anglers caught fish! Millsboro staff also took participants to a Delmarva Shorebirds game, where everyone had fun rooting for our awesome minor league team.

Meanwhile, Chimes Virginia held its first “Beach Party” at Burke Lake park in Fairfax County. This festive celebration included a photo booth with a seaside backdrop, where participants took pictures. Dressed in festive beachwear, guests also enjoyed socializing in the park and just taking in the beautiful lake views.

While everyone here at Chimes is sad to say goodbye to summer, we thank our supporters for helping to make wonderful summer memories for all our friends at Chimes!

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