Meet the Class of 2023

Chimes School Graduation

Chimes School Graduation is always one of the most exciting days of the year here at Chimes. Teachers, staff, administration and families come together to celebrate the achievements of our graduates — now armed with the skills, support and confidence to forge their own path forward.

Every graduation class is special, but given the challenges of the past few years — a global pandemic, lockdowns, isolation, learning loss and more — this year’s ceremony was particularly meaningful. We’d like to introduce you to a few of the graduates who exemplify the determination, perseverance and grit that The Chimes School is proud to nurture.

Demonta joined our Chimes family in Kindergarten. Despite his academic challenges, Demonta worked hard and kept his classroom full of laughter and energy. Recognizing that life will be different after graduation, he has a plan to take care of himself. Demonte aspires to cook in a restaurant, and is working hard to learn and follow recipes to achieve that dream.
Corena came to The Chimes School at an early age. While she has struggled to believe in her own intelligence and potential, she has worked diligently through challenges to succeed academically. Now that she has graduated, Corena is deciding between going back to school to pursue a career and starting a job right away.
Kesia has been at The Chimes School since 2019. A dedicated student, Kesia has also volunteered at the Red Cross. She has blossomed both academically and socially, getting along well with both peers and Chimes School staff.
Dylan joined The Chimes School family in 2017. Extremely social, he enjoys playing basketball with his friends. Now that he has his Chimes School Diploma, Dylan looks forward to getting a job in the Columbia area, where he lives.
Nakhiya came to The Chimes School during the pandemic. Always smiling, she assimilated well into the class and transitioned into school without any issues. While Nakhiya initially had difficulty working with unfamiliar staff, she now welcomes the opportunity to interact with new people. She plans to transition to a day program that will help her reach her full potential.

In August 2014, Joshua joined the Chimes family and never looked back. Over nearly a decade at The Chimes School he improved his skills in transitioning, communicating, and participating in a variety of vocational tasks, including building sets of items and categorizing by type. Joshua looks forward to his post-graduation life and the adventures that await!

Congratulations to all our graduates and families — and thank you to generous supporters like you who make the life-changing work of The Chimes School possible!

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