Intervals: An Integral Part of Chimes’ Day Program

Chimes offers an amazing variety of day support to individuals with developmental disabilities, and our Intervals Day Habilitation Program at Chimes Maryland is a program of which we’re extremely proud.

Under the direction of Program Manager Ernest Jackson, Intervals gives participants an array of engaging activities grounded in challenge and choice.

The program, which runs from 8 a.m. to late afternoon each day, emphasizes Person Centered Planning, utilizing individualized schedules for each person based on their preferences and desires. Simply put, Ernest’s and Intervals’ goal is to help every participant live the life they want to lead.

Whether it’s a fun and inventive craft project, a bowling competition or experimenting with a new musical instrument, Intervals Day Program offers diverse opportunities that enrich the lives of our participants.

And under Ernest’s direction, the program has become more outward-facing in a way that is beneficial to both Chimes Maryland and the greater community.

“When I began working at Chimes Intervals as a Case Manager, we were more of a medical day program,” Ernest told us. “We never did a lot of outings outside the building. While we still have a medically fragile population, we are working hard to make community integration a centerpiece of the program.

With that goal in mind, Chimes staff arranges weekly outings to area parks, public libraries, movie theaters, and cultural destinations like the Visionary Arts Museum. “Erika and Judith, two of our participants with mobility challenges, enjoy our outings so much,” Ernest reports. “They never did much in the way of activities, so Intervals has been a game changer for them.”

Darius is another Intervals participant who is actively expanding his own horizons through the program’s sensory-focused activities. “Darius has a passion for painting, which he has really developed over the last eight or nine months,” Ernest says.

What’s most special about Intervals, we asked Ernest? “The caring relationships between Chimes staff and the people we serve,” he says. “Everyone is treated with dignity and respect.”

With the support of generous friends like you, Ernest and the other staff at Chimes Maryland hope to continue to grow and diversify the Intervals family, providing more opportunities to participate in the community, from sporting events to volunteer activities. Thank you for all you do to make innovative — and integral — programs like Intervals possible!

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