Back in the Groove: Chimes School Kicks off the New School Year With Friendship and Fun

While we love summer as much as the next person, there’s nothing more thrilling for Chimes School staff than the return of our beloved students. The hallways fill with laughter, the classrooms and multi-purpose rooms with energy and inspiration.

We want going back to school to be something to which our students look forward, so we make sure that first week is festive and fun. With the support of Human Resources Director Pam Meadows and her family, students and staff worked together to tie-dye special shirts custom-designed just for The Chimes School, which we later distributed to all our students and staff.

Water Fun Day featured student-selected water activities, which included water slide races and the quite popular “Soak and Wet” dunk tank alternative, in which student volunteers sat in a chair to be “dunked” by a bucket of water. Students and their families also played pickleball, made sensory bottles, blew bubbles, enjoyed a community barbecue and danced to tunes provided by a DJ. We also invited visitors from Chimes’ day program to join in on the fun!

Finally, The Chimes School held our annual, highly anticipated Spirit Week to get our students fully back in the school-year groove. Each day, students and staff were able to show their school spirit in a different way: Sunglasses Day, Crazy Socks Day, Class Color Day and of course, Tie-Dye Shirt Day, on which the entire school community wore their newly made shirts!

We’re so grateful to supporters like you who make every life-changing day at The Chimes School possible — and we’ll certainly keep you updated on our many innovative programs, events, and celebrations as the school year progresses!

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