A School Powered by Love Helps its Students Live their Best Lives

In 1947, the Chimes School opened its doors, staffed with a tiny staff and fueled by love—the love of a mother for her child.

Frances Bacon had a simple vision: to create more meaningful days for children with developmental disabilities. That vision and love began in a small church basement, but lives on in a transformed, state of the art facility that helps students achieve their full potential.

Meikhye is one of those students. Referred to the Chimes School as an elementary school student, he was challenged by significant interfering behaviors, speech, and academic needs.

Thanks to the plan and specialized curriculum developed for Meikhye by Chimes School faculty, he flourished throughout middle school. Before long, empowered by the strides he was making in school, Meikhye became a leader, a role model whom other students looked up to.

When the pandemic hit and students were shifted to remote learning, Meikhye’s parents were concerned — but he worked diligently and continued to excel academically. In 2022, the Chimes School faculty assessed Meikhye’s progress and agreed he was ready to return to his public middle school.

Today, Meikhye is thriving at Meade High School in a specialized program. In fact, his mother recently checked in with the Chimes School team to let them know Meikhye had made the honor roll!

Meikhye’s story is a testament to the life-changing work of The Chimes School. We will continue to focus on what students can do so that they can live enriched and empowered lives, to the best of their ability.

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