3 Reasons to Spread Kindness & Donate Your Car to Chimes

Ahhh…November. Thanksgiving, spending time with family, and the welcoming of the giving season. With both World Kindness Week starting on November 7th followed by Random Acts of Kindness Week starting November 14th, there’s even more reason to kick off this charitable season by donating your car to Chimes!

Read on to see our three reasons to spread kindness by donating your vehicle to Chimes.

Help Further Chimes’ Mission

Your vehicle donation has the possibility to bring hundreds or thousands of dollars in support directly to Chimes, a local non-profit that works to help adults with developmental and behavioral challenges to achieve their fullest potential. Chimes provides behavioral health and employment services as well as various services for those with intellectual disabilities and autism. With your vehicle donation, you’ll help ensure Chimes has the ability to continue to provide these effective services for even more people in the future.


Help Make A Difference In Someone’s Life

Chimes offers numerous services for those with behavioral and intellectual challenges ranging from group homes to private residences, job training, and employment opportunities, mental health and substance abuse services, and more. Your vehicle donation will directly support these and additional life-changing services Chimes offers, making an impact on people Chimes will continue to serve.


Kick-Off Giving Season With a Hassle-Free Donation

The Chimes Vehicle Donation process is hassle-free and is a great way to begin this year’s giving season. The Chimes Cars Vehicle Donation Support Team will guide you every step of the way, as they schedule a tow truck to pick up your donation free of charge, handle all of the necessary paperwork and provide you with any necessary tax documents. No stressing on your part, just make sure the vehicle is easily accessible by a tow truck and the Chimes Cars Vehicle Donation Support Team will keep you informed along the way. Enjoy clearing up space in your driveway, making an important impact on Chimes’ and those in the Mid-Atlantic and surrounding regions they continue to serve, and spreading an extra bit of kindness as we head into the holiday season.


To get started with your donation, visit or by calling 855-500-RIDE (855-500-7433).