The Importance of Friendships

The Importance of Friendships

Friends are important for many reasons. They provide companionship and help us enjoy activities, new experiences, and appreciate life more fully. Many individuals with disabilities interact primarily with their family and service providers, which can often lead to feelings of isolation. 

At times, people with disabilities may face certain disadvantages in meeting and getting to know others. Chimes housing and programs provide the opportunity, support and continuity to create real friendships.

People with disabilities may have limited opportunities to take part in activities where they can meet peers. Our supported living housing and groups, like the Chimes Choir, are the perfect way for those individuals to meet potential friends who they have a lot in common with. 

Relationships between people with and without disabilities are not formed by simply grouping people together. Some individuals need assistance joining in certain settings and activities. At Chimes, we have activities and community areas in our supported living communities to keep our residents engaged and active. 

While most people enjoy meeting new people, they are sustained by those they have known over time. The continuity of relationships over the years is an important source of security, comfort, and self-worth. People with disabilities do not always have continuous relationships. Instead, they may leave their families, be moved from one program to another and have to adjust to staff people who come and go. At Chimes, many of our residents have been with us for several years. 

Ruth, Gwen, and Rachel are three best friends whose friendship has grown through opportunity, support, and continuity over the last 15 years at Chimes. The ladies of Greengage lived together as friends under Progressive Horizon and have been inseparable. Ms. Ruth is the oldest of the three, however, Ms. Gwen is the mother of the house. Ms. Rachel is sharp-witted and a prankster, making every day a blast at the home. 

Every weekday, at 7:30 p.m. you can catch them watching Family Feud together, clapping and yelling out all the answers. They participate in Monday night bowling and love to travel, especially to Atlantic City and Ocean City. Their warm and charming personalities have been the glue that has kept them together all these years. 

Friendships are to be cherished, and having a friend to come home to and share your day with is priceless. Many of our residents experience these kinds of close relationships and we believe it’s another way we help people with disabilities live empowered and enriched lives to the best of their ability.