Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems Mental Health Services

Recently, several high-profile celebrities have succumbed to mental illnesses and taken their own lives. It is always devastating to hear about a well-known celebrity passing away by suicide, but there is a deeper issue that is illuminated by deaths like these that must be taken seriously.


Suicide Contagion is a process that mental health officials say can happen after a string of high-profile suicides, which causes an increase in suicide behaviors in the general public due to celebrity deaths.


For instance, in the four months after Robin Williams’ death, there was an almost 10% increase in suicides in the United States. (PLOS ONE Journal)


Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems is a part of the Chimes Family and is proud to offer a comprehensive range of services and supports for people with mental health, substance abuse, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and co-occurring disorders.


Their personalized services focus on each  individual’s strengths, needs, abilities, interests, and desires and promotes self-worth and dignity.


If you are suffering from mental health symptoms, we encourage you to reach out to Holcomb Behavioral and see how they can help and support you. Check out the video below to see how Taylor was able to reach a level of comfort within herself and develop the ability to manage her mental health symptoms.

If you need help: Text HOME to 741741 for free, 24/7 crisis support in the USA through Crisis Textline.