Welcome to the New

As you have seen over the past few months we have rebranded our logo, adopted a new color palette and began publishing a slew of new content (including this blog.)

And now we have launched an all-new website.

There are lots of reasons for these changes. To be frank, the old site was dated. What’s fashionable in Web design changes nearly as often as what’s fashionable in clothing — and we didn’t want our site to be the digital version of a leisure suit.

More importantly, Chimes itself has transformed dramatically in recent years.

Chimes of today is a data-driven, evidence-based powerhouse in the areas we serve: intellectual and developmental disabilities; employment for people with disabilities; and substance abuse and behavioral health. Chimes has become a recognized expert in residential services, Applied Behavior Analysis, school-to-work transition, addiction treatment, family based mental health, competitive employment, intervention services and much, much more.

We’ve recruited some of the biggest talents in the industry, forged partnerships with the leading academics in psychology, teamed with government entities and businesses.

Chimes of today is robust, and now our website reflects that.


The more things change, the more they remain the same

But as much as Chimes has changed, our founding principles have remained constant.

For more than 70 years, Chimes has endeavored to assist people with intellectual and
behavioral challenges to achieve three main goals:

  • to live as independently as possible, guided by choice
  • to understand, respond to and achieve the potential of their capabilities, and
  • to serve as productive, contributing members of their community.

Those three principles — choice, capability, community — still guide us today. Everything we do — every service, every support, every moment of our working lives — is aimed at promoting each person’s unique abilities and their desire to live an independent, fulfilling life.

Making changes and making a difference

We’ll be using this blog as a place to talk about those principles and how they inform the work we do.

We’ll also use this blog to write about developments in psychology and treatment methods, to share the research conducted by our teams, to promote training for both staff and family members, and to discuss the challenges that we and the people we serve face in today’s regulatory and financial environment.

Our hope is that by reading this blog you’ll find something — an idea to pursue, a cause to support, or a goal to seek — to make your life more fulfilling.

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