Brand Refresh At Chimes

Chimes Logo exploredWith apologies to “Captain Obvious” of fame, you’ve likely noticed Chimes has a new logo and tagline. We’re delighted to report that the response to our refreshed brand has been overwhelmingly positive.

Chimes script logo has served us admirably for many years, but as a practical matter many found it difficult to read. This challenge became particularly acute as more and more individuals choose to get their information from hand-held devices which reduce our script logo to a veritable Rorschach blot. In response to this challenge, we employed a sans serif title case font in order to improve our logotype’s legibility. You will also notice that our particular font is bold, with smooth, nearly playful curves. We hope you will agree the font projects strength, but is also welcoming and unpretentious.

Chimes also elected to create a “logomark” to accompany our logotype. Some folks see a sun, or a flower, while others see a group of individuals linking arms to represent the greater whole, and some folks just see a stylized capital “C”, mimicking the first letter of our organization’s name. They’re all correct, and we encourage you to interpret our “mark” in whatever manner satisfies your eye. Logos are meant to evolve over time, and we think our new logo offers great potential to grow and evolve along with our organization and the ever-changing demands of the individuals we serve.

You’ll notice that Chimes also elected to change its color palette. Orange is a warm and inviting color which stimulates creativity, enthusiasm and happiness. Grey is a cool and sophisticated color which stimulates feelings of calm. We judged that our two predominate colors not only complement one another visually, but also metaphorically.

Finally, you’ll recognize that we have a new tagline.  I doubt anyone would dispute that Chimes Empowers People and Enriches Lives, as our old tagline asserted, but taglines need to do more than state the facts.

Taglines should proclaim a call to action, and we think Going Further To Help Others Go Far is exactly the kind of exhortation we intend to project.