I pledge to support

disability inclusion — in my own workplace and in others throughout my community. By joining the movement for workplace disability inclusion, I will:

Acknowledge and celebrate companies that hire people with disabilities.

Be kind, understanding, and helpful to my co-workers with disabilities.

Support efforts to include people with disabilities in workplace diversity plans.

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Chimes Disability Employment Programs

Chimes helps people with disabilities engage more fully in life’s opportunities — including the pride and dignity of work. We provide training, placement, and ongoing assistance to our clients, regardless of their ability. Chimes also assists young adults in their transition from school to the workplace.

Chimes employs more than 1,600 people throughout five states and the District of Columbia. The businesses, government agencies, and nonprofits who hire people through Chimes know they are not only securing reliable employees, but also creating a more inclusive environment for people with disabilities.

Partner with Chimes to employ people with disabilities

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Thank you for taking the Workplace Disability Inclusion Pledge!

You are sending a strong message that all people, regardless of ability, deserve the opportunity to belong and succeed at work.

Share the good you’re doing and invite others to join you!


Meet Chimes

Chimes is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping our neighbors with disabilities and behavioral health challenges reach their fullest potential. We create more meaningful lives by:

  • Helping adults with disabilities experience the pride and dignity of employment.
  • Providing behavioral health treatment while promoting the individual’s sense of self-worth.
  • Supporting people with disabilities through all stages of life.

If you like the sound of Chimes, visit chimes.org for more information.