Brand Refresh at Chimes!


This month Chimes International, Ltd. and its subsidiaries unveiled a new logo and tagline as part of a brand refresh that provides Chimes with a visual identity to better reflect its full range of services and forward-thinking culture.

The new logo features a brilliant orange color palette.  “Orange is a warm and inviting color. It stimulates creativity, optimism, enthusiasm and happiness,” explains Jeff Dubnow, Vice President of Development and Communications. The clean, contemporary typeface of the Chimes name and tagline mirrors the openness and accessibility Chimes strives to embody in its interactions with consumers, their families, employees, and supporters.

During the year-long brand refresh process, Chimes sought input from a broad cross section of stakeholders, including employees from across the breadth of the organization, board members, donors, volunteers, and independent brand consultants.

“Chimes has a long history and strong reputation for providing a wide range of services to people with disabilities and other challenges,” said Heidi Falter, Director of Communications at Chimes. “We wanted our new logo and tagline to reflect that history while also speaking to the evolution of our organization and the path ahead.”

The logo and tagline were specifically designed to be applied throughout the Chimes footprint, encompassing six Mid-Atlantic states, the District of Columbia, and Israel. The new logo and tagline will be rolled out in the coming weeks. Phase two of the brand refresh will focus on Chimes online presence, beginning with its website at

While the logo and tagline offer a new look for Chimes, the name of the organization will remain unchanged.  When Chimes was founded in 1947 by five families who had children with developmental disabilities, they met in The Church of the Redeemer, in Baltimore City’s Roland Park neighborhood. The chiming of the church bells served as the inspiration for the name Chimes.

About Chimes: Chimes offers a wide range of opportunities for people with disabilities and other special needs.  Chimes International, Ltd., the parent organization, leads various subsidiary organizations which collectively provide service to 20,000+ people in six states, the District of Columbia, and Israel. To learn more visit