Get to know Joan Henry, New Employee at Chimes Virginia

joanWhy did you apply to Chimes?
Working with an organization that has a great reputation is a key element for me when I am looking for a job. The commendable things that I have heard about Chimes have captured my
attention so I applied for an employment opportunity. To date, things have been great and I am glad to be able to personally experience the professional and ethical culture of Chimes.

Where do you work?
I am working at Prado house which will be moving soon, so we will take on a new name, Wilson House!

Interesting facts about you?

  • Even though I cannot swim if my life depends on it, I love to go to beaches and rivers. I’m from the beautiful Island, Jamaica West Indies!
  • I enjoy applying my makeup, and this I do on a daily basis even if I am in my house all
  • I have a very positive mindset which has led to me writing a book that was recently
    published titled “The Power of a Positive Mindset”

Favorite thing to do:
I enjoy hosting events at my home or public venues. I also absolutely love hosting my weekly blog
talk radio show, “The Joan Henry Radio Show”! My show promotes entrepreneurship locally and