Chimes Creates Innovative Ways for Employment

Written by Myla Wallingford, Cristo Rey InternTerence Blackwell

Finding the right employee can be a tough task for every employer. For the Facilities Department at Chimes this proved all to true when staff became hard to find. In speaking with Doug Turnbaugh, Chimes Director of Facilities, he began working with Human Resources to take advantage of their hiring heartaches and created a new program at Chimes that others in the industry are also implementing. The Facilities Department developed an apprentice program last summer with their first apprentice, Josh.

In speaking with Josh it was easy to see that this 6-month program is working out well. Josh stated, “I enjoy the work, love the people and variety of things that we do.”

Josh does a lot of varied task in the department, anything from preventive maintenance to home improvement. While doing his job, Josh loves to challenge himself. When given a task that he is not familiar with, he strives to complete it on his own without any assistance. He believes that a person entering his field should be outgoing, open-minded, and not afraid to jump out there and get started right away.

Although Josh loves his job very much, he stated that if he could go back in time and choose a different career, he would draw cartoons for Disney.

The program is designed to train someone in the field of facilities and to teach them more then the basics. The apprentice works with a supervisor and meets with them regularly and gets feedback on their performance. This program differs from out right employment in that they can hire someone that might not have all the skill they are looking for and in turn, expand their knowledge with the end result being a position of Building Generalist 1 at Chimes.