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Educational Opportunities

The Chimes School was founded in 1947 by a group of parents who wanted a special program for their children. It was the first of its kind in the State of Maryland and was located in borrowed classrooms at the Church of the Redeemer. Initial enrollment was 5 students.

Today our school boasts a modern, fully accessible building with multiple amenities and an outside recreation area in northwest Baltimore City.  Students enrolled are referred by local jurisdictions throughout the state who have autism, intellectual disabilities and multiple disabilities.

We offer an 11 month non-graded educational program to students ages 5 to 21 and a new special education program for students in elementary school, grades K - 3.  We also offer a specialty program for students with severe autism and communication deficits. Our educational programs infuse functionality into everyday academics and the development of work related skills and social skills. Using a multi-sensory approach to learning, our educational programs challenge our students to develop independence in various settings beyond the school including at home, on the job or in the community. Our individual educational plans are tailored to the needs of each student and are guided by a professional treatment team.

Students also have access to an array of vocational opportunities within various work environments to ensure a seamless transition from school to adult programs.

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Community Living Options

Chimes Maryland offers an array of supported living options and staffing alternatives to enable individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live in homes and communities of their choice.

Traditional residential options include Agency operated single family homes and apartments for people who choose to live with roommates and may require 24 hour support.  Many of our homes are fully accessible with specialized adaptive equipment. Private individual family care homes are also available for people that prefer a family setting with agency oversight.

A range of supports can also be provided to individuals in their family home or their own home, depending on their preferences. Support services can range from occasional respite care to ongoing drop in support to more comprehensive services.

The level and type of services and supports vary based on the specific needs and choices of the individual. Beyond ensuring health and safety, Chimes staff assist individuals to become as independent as possible by helping them to acquire new skills, while giving them opportunities to pursue their interests in the community

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Behavior Support Services

Chimes is the Central Maryland Regional provider for behavior respite and transitional services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who have challenging behaviors and/or co-occurring disorders. Our services are part of a comprehensive and integrated system of behavior support throughout the region.

The goals of behavior support services are to divert unnecessary or prolonged hospitalizations or potential homelessness related to challenging behaviors, while maximizing opportunities for individuals to be successful in their communities.

Behavior support services, both planned and emergent, are coordinated and approved through the Central Maryland Regional Office and are time limited. 

Supports provided may be in the person’s natural home or in a Chimes community home. All supports are based on the person’s needs and take into consideration prior behavioral assessments/consultation and behavior management plans where applicable.

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Adult Day Support and Vocational Options

Chimes Maryland offers a variety of day support and vocational options to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout the Baltimore metropolitan area. Our supports and services are both facility and community based with individuals having the opportunity to move within the programs as their needs and preferences change.

Our day support programs focus on leisure, social and non-work related activities as an alternative option to vocational services. Program participants, with staff support, have the opportunity to engage in structured activities, both at the site and in the community. Activities are outcome oriented and designed to meet the person’s needs and desires, while helping to reinforce and enhance mobility, communication, self-care, socialization and leisure skills.

Our vocational programs are tailored to individuals who have a focus on paid work and employment. Program participants, with staff support, have access to work and career-based assessments, training, and job placement opportunities which are geared to the individual’s aptitudes and interests.

Individuals have the opportunity to engage in paid contract work within the facility, or supported employment in the community with on-going staff support. With either contract work or supported employment, individuals often gain the skills, experience, and confidence necessary to successfully engage in competitive employment.

Program participants in both day support and vocational services also have access to adjunctive supports to address their physical, mental and behavioral health needs to help maximize their potential and opportunities for independence.

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