Chimes Maryland

New Business Incubator Offers Resources for Start Ups
Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities
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Chimes has begun a new business incubator, offering a unique set of resources to start-ups like CyberSpa, and other entrepreneurs.

This new venture for Chimes was born out of the observation that many new companies are seeking a place to do business without locking into a long-term lease and they need a readily available, reliable workforce. 

Chimes is able and eager to provide both as well as other potential resources like HR, payroll and more. Chimes also views these types of partnerships as an opportunity for community integration for the people they serve.

Over the years, Chimes day programs have evolved to serve the needs of people with disabilities, teaching them skills and offering them a platform to live their lives to the fullest. For many, this meant job training and employment opportunities on site and in the community for those who were interested and able. Chimes showed again and again the power and ability of people with disabilities when given the proper support.

However, employment opportunities in the community for people with disabilities are limited and the fact remains that for either medical or behavioral reasons, outside employment is not a sustainable option for a percentage of people served by Chimes. To address this challenge, Chimes has decided to change the paradigm by bringing the employer to the person served via the new business incubator at the Terry Allen Perl Center.

Chimes is actively pursuing new partnerships with businesses that are in need of work space and that are interested in creating new integrated employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

About Partnership
After its initial launch in 2013, needed employees to take and fulfill an increasing number of orders and more office and workspace to fulfill their orders. Chimes filled the void on both fronts at a very reasonable cost all the while tapping into the skills and work ethic of the people with disabilities they serve.

About CyberSpa Partnership
Chimes also has partnered with a tech company CyberSpa to house their operations and provide trained workers to provide hard-drive software installation and product fulfillment services.

For more information on how Chimes can assist your business, please contact:
Douglas Smith
Deputy Director of Admissions & Career Development for Chimes