Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems

Chester County Crisis Services

Holcomb offers a comprehensive crisis care system that provides minimally intrusive interventions to assist individuals who are experiencing a mental health or psychosocial crisis.

The services support humanistic and recovery-oriented principles through instilling hope, social connection and a belief that all individuals experiencing crisis can readily regain control of their lives with the right supports and/or interventions.

Holcomb’s Valley Creek Crisis Center, located in Exton, PA, offers a crisis program to assist children, adolescents and adults experiencing varying levels of crisis. Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are free to the residents of Chester County. All of Valley Creek’s services are consumer-driven, recovery-oriented and culturally competent. This is achieved through the utilization of psychiatric rehabilitation principles, the use of peer specialists throughout the crisis system and a strong emphasis on diversionary efforts to help maintain individuals in the community whenever possible. Valley Creek Crisis Center has culturally diverse staff, including individuals fluent in Spanish.

The crisis center offers five distinct services:

Telephone Crisis Counseling (Phone: 610-280-3270)

Provides counseling, consultation, education and referral to those experiencing acute problems or to the family, friends, colleagues, school staff and/or agencies calling on behalf of an individual. The goal of the telephone crisis line is to ensure individual safety and promote recovery and wellness.

Consumer-Run Warm Line (Phone: 1-866-846-2722)

Provides peer support and resource information to proactively support individuals before a crisis develops. The warm line is staffed by paid Certified Peer Specialists who are trained specifically to assist other consumers in furthering their recovery. The warm line is open seven days a week, six hours a day: Monday – Friday, 2:00pm – 8:00 pm and Saturday – Sunday, 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Crisis Walk-In Center

The Walk-in crisis service is seen as an important component to the overall crisis system. While many crises may realistically be handled via the Warm Line and Telephone Crisis Counseling, many individuals will seek out personal face-to-face contact as part of their crisis intervention. For those individuals, the face-to-face component may be experienced as essential in effectively communicating their needs and developing a solution-focused action plan.

Community-Based Mobile Outreach

The Mobile Outreach provides a response team that will go to any location in which a county resident is experiencing a crisis. The goal of all mobile crisis outreach is to provide clinically necessary crisis de-escalation, supportive counseling and solution-focused interventions. It is essential that the outreach occurs within the most natural setting for the individual.

Adult Crisis Residential Program

Provides short-term residential placement for adults, age 18 and older, in need of behavioral health services that are less restrictive than an inpatient psychiatric hospitalization. The crisis residential program is voluntary and provides consumer-driven, recovery-oriented treatment in a comfortable, home-like environment. The program supports individuals in developing and achieving individual goals in order to resolve the acute crisis and achieve timely community reintegration.

For more information please visit: http://chescocrisis.holcomb-bhs.org

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