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The Chimes Family of Services began in 1947 as a small school in Baltimore, Maryland for children with intellectual developmental disabilities. Through planned growth over the years, we currently have services in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Carolina and Israel. 

Our not-for-profit organizations provide an array of educational, employment, vocational, residential, habilitative and behavioral health services and supports. Acknowledged as leaders in the industry, we are best known for the quality of our services and the integrity of our staff.

Chimes International, Ltd.

Chimes International is the support organization for the Chimes Family of Services and provides executive direction, management and business support to each affiliate. It ensures collective coordination of resources, high quality and cost effective operations and services.

Chimes Subsidiaries

The array of services and supports provided by our organizations reflect different scopes and business models, which fall into three primary service components:

  1. Intellectual Developmental Disabilities:
    Chimes Maryland, Chimes Delaware, Chimes Virginia and Chimes Israel

    Chimes Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and Israel provide a network of services and supports for families and individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities.  Our network expands from toddler-to-senior services, with supports that are tailored to the unique abilities and needs of each person. All of our services are integrated within various communities to maximize opportunities and growth for our participants. While our service options vary by location, we offer a range of educational services, residential supports, day and vocational training, supported employment and competitive employment opportunities. All services and facilities are licensed by the respective states and our vocational programs are accredited by CARF.

  2. Employment for People with Disabilities:
    Chimes District of Columbia

    Chimes District of Columbia provides training and employment opportunities for people with severe disabilities. Through multiple federal and state contracts, we employ over 1,600 people at sites in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina and the District. We capitalize on what people can do and have consistently demonstrated that persons with severe disabilities can be highly productive citizens when given the opportunity.

  3. Behavioral Health/Substance Abuse:
    Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems

    Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems and affiliates provide a comprehensive range of mental health, behavioral health and substance abuse services and supports for children, adolescents, families and adults throughout southern and central Pennsylvania, the Lehigh Valley, central New Jersey, northeastern Maryland and Delaware. The network of supports provided fall into eight primary categories: treatment services, behavioral health rehabilitation services, residential supports, psychiatric rehabilitation, psychosocial supports, crisis intervention services, developmental disabilities supports, and education/prevention services. Services and supports are fully integrated and tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual, with a focus on assisting each person to live full, productive and self-empowered lives.

Chimes Foundation, Inc.

Chimes Foundation provides ongoing financial support for programs and services, which enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities and other special needs.  The efforts of the Chimes Foundation enhances the image of the Chimes Family of Services and strategically positions these organizations among their various publics for the purpose of securing ongoing support.